Search, as it is today, sucks. That is not to say that Google sucks, but I frankly don’t understand what their engineers have been doing for a large part of the previous decade. The basic functionality of the engine has been the same since it launched back in 1996 - You type in a query, their algorithm scans the web and outputs the most relevant websites for your query. That’s a staggering 15 years without a truly significant change in the system. Sure, they got a lot right over the years. I like news, images, doodle, instant, the fact that I can search the web for content by timestamps. Brilliant. But, is it as good as search can get? Not even close.

My exact sentiment as rickwebb so aptly puts it.


God. I am getting so fed up with Google. This is this morning’s comparison. I experience this at least once a day now for a variety of things. 

I may not be done with Google yet, but I can see the day I will be on the horizon, and I am looking forward to it.